RDJ Tutoring

RDJ offer live tutoring session for primary children. Tutor sessions are online with Rachel. The mini tutorials in the Maths and English resources give examples of my methods and approaches.

RDJ Tutoring via Showbie

Rachel will use Showbie as the digital learning platform. Upon registering, a class code will be issued enabling you to join a class. Showbie will be provided as part of the tutoring package although it will be necessary to either download the app or access Showbie through the Showbie website on your device.

Showbie will allow for a smooth workflow, enabling the tutor to post resources into the class file, mark and check work within the platform, leave voice and written notes to students and leave messages. Showbie also has a parent access feature allowing you to keep track of your child’s work and progress.

Navigation of Showbie will be provided for those unfamiliar with the platform and this LINK provides some insights.

1 TO 1 – There are a small number of spaces available for private tuition. Please get in touch for more information through the contact page of this site.

There are some group sessions available which allows for students to have focused tuition but also to share their thinking with others. These classes are ideal for pupils who are anxious about 1 to 1 tuition but would benefit from developing their understanding.

Protocols for joining a class online will be given.

Rachel has online safety certificates and training and follows UK guidance when working with children online. Showbie also has all the necessary privacy policies which can be found here.

RDJ resources look forward to working with you.

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