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Resource Description

This personal inquiry was designed in lockdown in place of a Grade 5 PYP Exhibition when we were unsure if children would be able to collaborate. It was a ‘floating unit’. We were working with the Central Idea. We can inspire people in out community by sharing our personal passions creatively.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Passions
  • How personal passions can influence others
  • Creativity is needed to share our passions

Learner Profiles:

  • Reflective
  • Communicators

Approaches to Learning:

  • Self Management
  • Communication

Key Concepts:

  • Perspective
  • Connection

The idea of the video series was created from the lockdown situation and also having a team who, in some cases, were new to the idea of Exhibition. I decided that by making the videos, it would guide the children and the teachers through a personal inquiry.

Before the videos were made, there was an initial hook/provocation where I set up my own mini project and shared it with them enthusiastically to model where they would be heading.

How to use this series:

This series is aimed at a particular group of children which is why it is being offered as a free resource.

  • It could be useful to teachers transitioning to PYP to give them some scaffolding of a very guided approach to inquiry. Teachers could use the process and adapt to their own cohort, and Unit of Inquiry.
  • It could be used to show how a unit can be developed for people new to PYP.
  • It could also be used for students who are not able to access the Exhibition in it’s purest sense and need support to guide them through some steps.
  • It could also be used as an extension ‘gifted hour’ for pupils to develop their own personal inquiries if you have students who can self manage and you wish for them to take on a personal inquiry to extend themselves independently freeing you up to work with others and giving them a sense of independence and agency.
  • For the ‘purist’ pyp teachers, this will be very guided and narrow in it’s direction but I hope it is of use to some newbie pyp teachers out there.