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Resource Description

A series of lessons and resources to support development in reading, writing and understanding the written word.

There are a series of mini lessons and videos aimed to look at key learning to develop understanding of the English Language. Many of these areas match with UK National Curriculum objectives. They can be used for small group independent work, homework consolidation, reinforcement work for older students who need to revisit an area or extension work for pupils who are ready to take their learning further. There is a general year group/grade level guide with each resource to help you decide whether it is suitable for your needs.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Developing Comprehension Skills
  • Modelling Writing Genres And Processes
  • Grammar Use
  • Contractions: An introduction to the concept of contractions aimed at Y1/2.
  • Full stops: Aimed at supporting children who are unsure where their sentence ends.
  • Prepositions: Constructing the understanding of simple prepositions using under, beside, on, on top of. Y1/2
  • Compound words: Y1/2 Noticing how compound words work and using the knowledge to find more.
  • Time Adverbs: Y3 – help James out! An introduction to time adverbs and the role they play in a sentence.
  • Relative pronouns: Y5 – introduction to relative pronouns – what they are and their purpose in a sentence.
  • Conjunctions: Y3- Looking at the concept of conjunctions and their role in a sentence. Looking into conjunctions that express time, place and reason.
  • Subordinate clauses: Y3/4 Introducing and exploring some subordinate clauses. Developing the understanding of this part of a sentence to apply into other sentences.
  • Plurals Y1 Free Resource: Introduction to plurals with s and es endings
  • Plurals ies  endings: Y2  – changing the y to i and adding es.
  • Brackets: Simple introduction to the purpose of brackets.
  • Alphabetical Order Y2 Free Resource: Introducing ordering with the second letter of the word.
  • Cian – suffix Y3: Looking at words with this suffix
  • Morphology  – Aud Y5/Y6: Looking at root words
  • First Dictionary: An introduction to the dictionary
  • Dictionary 2: Locating words in the dictionary using the second letter of the word:
  • Adjectives Year 2/Grade 1: Understanding the purpose of an adjective in a sentence.
  • Improving Writing Year ⅔: Improving a short sample of writing based around My favourite food.
  • Was or were?: Developing and applying understanding of when to use each word correctly.

Resources will support class learning or can be used for home schooling purposes or to support children who need some further consolidation.

Rachel’s tip – if you do not have access to 1 to 1 technology at school, students could bring a device from home if possible, (ensure your school has a safe user policy for devices in school) and use the videos to watch and replay in class. This frees up time to teach others and return to support their learning when others are working.

Click on the materials tab at the top of the page to access the videos and resources for this course.