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Giving a helping hand to make life a little easier.

Rachel Poulton — Founder & CEO.

Our Story

Rachel has been in education since 1992. Her teaching career started in the UK along with the early days of the National Curriculum.

After many years teaching and leading in a successful Independent School, Rachel took a leap of faith with the support of her family and started teaching overseas. During this time, she was introduced to the IB/PYP framework. Initially, it was all a bit of a mystery and a change of mindset, however, after a period of adjustment Rachel really began to see the value in the approach and brilliance in the philosophy. Rachel enjoys supporting others and loves to offer her ‘little pearls of wisdom’. This website enables her to do just that in a more far reaching way.

She was fortunate to become a PYP coordinator. In her conversations with many teachers, and helping teachers transition from a more formal to an Inquiry approach she found she enjoyed supporting teachers with tips and ideas - and so the idea of RDJ resources was born.

Why RDJ?

This is simply Rachel, Darryl and James. Our little trio of a family whose aim it is to support one another through our life journey. This site is about sharing; it started with professional tips and branched out into mini lessons, support material and other offerings along the way.

Without my family, their support, faith and love, I would not have been able to have the many opportunities I have had. I am immensely grateful to them. My husband pushing me and challenging me to develop this site is something I wouldn’t have done alone.

Our philosophy is that value for money makes this site accessible to all and makes life a little easier for everyone, but also covers the costs of maintaining the site and generates income to support the making of more resources. Our focus is always to share and support. In our desire to do this, the site also donates some profit to a range of children’s charities.

Please join our extended RDJ family and humour me by making me feel useful to society!

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What Students Say

The videos were very descriptive, she explained it well and it helped me understand better. I think her explaining and showing on the board was just like I was in class with her. It’s a good add on resources to go and check out.
Zayan Zamir
From Ajman UAE
The videos for the Personal Inquiry are useful and helpful. We are given examples and methods to do our tasks. They directly give us tasks that we can use in our inquiry. We have practice with research, academic honesty, connection between things, learner profiles that help us develop life long skills.
Rawaa Karim
From UAE
The audio in English lessons was easy to understand and it was enjoyable. I was able to listen and have a better understanding while working along with the teacher. It really helped me to understand some of the topics which I might be a little confused about . The english videos had clear explanation and easy language. Maths resources were explained with easy techniques which makes it easier for me to understand , specially when I struggle with Maths. There were simple instructions given which were easy to follow as they were being taught. There are lessons on a different number of topic which is helpful , I am easily able to select the topic I need to watch and learn. The videos are very helpful and great for learning, I would actively recommend this valuable website to others.
Meera Kamil
From Sharjah UAE

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